Mobility Scooter & Power Chair Batteries

I often get called out to look at Batteries, people sometimes buy the cheap ones online, please avoid these! They are cheap for a reason, whilst the feedback is generally good that is because people submit feedback shortly after purchase, not later on. I have replaced so many cheap batteries that only last a year. I have also tested brand new cheap batteries that are only half the capacity advertised.  My choice of  batteries is MK as I have found that they last much longer than any other brand, I frequently find MK batteries over 3 years old and up to 17 years old! Whilst the initial cost may be a little bit more they will last at least twice as long as cheaper batteries so an extra few pounds spent at the beginning can save you hundreds later on.   How long batteries last WILL depend on how you look after them and being sold the right ones in the first place.


MK Battery provides the highest quality and most environmentally responsible sealed battery solutions for specialised deep-cycle applications. Advanced design and manufacturing make MK sealed VRLA and Gel batteries the standard by which all other batteries are measured.


We then get into should you have AGM or Gel batteries. It will depend on what your use is, for someone that uses a scooter or chair daily for long periods then GEL are the best option. For those who use it occasionally then AGM are perfect. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This is just a brief breakdown of batteries, should you need new batteries I will discuss with you all of the options and work out what is best for you, not what is best for me! When I worked for a large mobility company their policy was fit GEL to everything, not because they are the best for every customer, it was because they made more profit on them.  


Battery-powered mobility equipment provides users with additional freedom and independence. None of these precision-designed vehicles, however, can perform to their full potential without a top-quality battery as the fuel source. In fact, choosing the right battery for your equipment can enhance performance and safety, simplify charging and maintenance and, in the long-run, save you time, money and peace of mind.

There's a simple reason why MK Battery is the number one choice among most major wheelchair manufacturers and leading rehab equipment suppliers. These industry leaders cannot afford to have their reputations riding on anything but the best power source available. That's why the MK name is your assurance of getting the best battery available for your wheelchair, scooter or other mobility device.



When seeking the highest quality Deep Cycle batteries, look to MK Battery. MK Gel batteries have provided years of proven performance and significantly longer life - averaging 1 to 2 years or longer when properly maintained. That's why they have been the number one choice for years of the leading wheelchair manufacturers. When it comes to performance and quality, the MK Gel is the standard.

  • Deep Cycle: Premium Sealed VRLA batteries capable of over 1000 cycles (50% DOD) as fully tested by independent laboratories.
  • Gelled/Suspended Electrolyte: No liquid of any kind; battery is completely sealed. Safe in any position (except upside down).
  • Travel & Ship Easily: FAA, IATA, DOT and UPS approved. Others may not be.
  • Safety: MK Sealed VRLA batteries have a special re-sealing vent system that prevents excessive internal pressure, thus minimizing risk of explosion under normal conditions.
  • Sealed construction for maintenance-free use: Eliminates periodic watering, corrosive acid fumes and spills.
  • Electrolyte will not stratify: No equalization charging required.  Allows faster recharge.
  • 10% more electrolyte: Longer life and minimal dry out over extended use.
  • Increased durability: Deep cycle ability for heavy demand applications.
  • Less than 2% per month self-discharge: Little deterioration during transport and storage.
  • Individual plate formation (IPF®) technology: Optimizes power capacity, cell consistency, and long-term reliability.
  • Quality construction: Ensures consistent and reliable performance for long-term dependability.
  • Flame arresting, low pressure, self-sealing valves: All 100% factory tested.
  • Forged terminals and bushings: Assures no leakage.
  • Over 250 quality control checks: Certified to ISO 9001.
  • UL recognized component.
  • Made in USA with U.S. and Imported Materials.